Isabel Vidigal Translation and Interpretation Services

About Me

Translations from English, French, Spanish to Portuguese

Specialization: business, legal documents, literature, medical, ecology, quality system documentation, linguistics, education, environmental, gastronomy, culinary, pharmaceutical.

Professional Experience as Translator: Since 2002 working full time working as freelancer for several translation agencies, translating from English, French, Spanish and Italian to Portuguese and from Portuguese to English, French and Spanish. Before this, working in the Administrative area, translation was part of my job.

Skills: Excellent general culture and composition, perfectionism and outstanding researcher.

Background: Bachelor of Business Management - Creation and implantation of administrative routines and flows of work for a better use of all internal resources, organization (or reorganization) of departments; analysis, coordination and implantation of a system of quality, elaboration and application of training of staff in the administrative area and telemarketing. Responsibility for all administrative/financial routine at small/medium companies including paying/receiving bills, bank relationships, cash-flow, financial forecasts, managemental reports, accounting supervising, human resources routines, archives, maintenance in general, contracts with suppliers. Implantation and coordination of changes and administrative/operational proceedings. Assistance to customers and partners from abroad; organization of small events. Consultancy in companies for projects and in Non-Profit Organizations (voluntary and professional works). Translations and adaptations from French, English and Spanish mainly related to Quality System documents of all departments of an industry.